Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope that all who celebrate Easter had a happy one. It was a busy weekend here and I just got to the computer maybe an hour and a half ago. Friday our future son-in-law, Denny, came over in the afternoon to cut the grass, trim the yard, and start pulling up the old garden. It looked like a jungle out there because of all the recent rain and Denny being delayed coming over to cut the grass. Hubby just can't do it anymore because of swelling in his feet and lower legs. And because of nerve damage from bad discs in my neck and fibro, I don't have the upper body strength to do it either. I managed to get my potato salad for today made in advance but that was about it. Thought I'd finish the rest of the cooking except for the ham and rolls on Saturday. Boy was I wrong! BIL came over to complete the patch work on the living room ceiling and put up the blinds in the bay window. Hurrah! finally no more paper in the windows! What I didn't expect is that he's be ready to start the next project which is creating a huge built in bookcase for me. So while he and hubby went to buy wood and whatever else, I had to unload and love two short bookcase plus all the nick-knacks sitting on them and my standing shelves for Precious Moments figures and other stuff. Wore me out! (Okay, doesn't take much lol) Next thing I knew they were back and Denny was coming in to do tilling in the garden and all three guys wanted to know when I was getting lunch. So I cheated and called Pizza Hut. I seriously needed a nap. But when hubby and Denny went out to till our garden and do our friend's, BIL decided he should discuss the bookcases with me. So there I was listening to his suggestions while he checked the walls for straightness and sized everything up. Of course the walls aren't straight nor corners squared but he assured me this happens all the time. Unfortunately, since he considered me intelligent, he went into detail about how contractors and cabinetmakers make adjustments. I could barely keep my eyes open. And really, in the end, I'm going to trust his judgment on everything because it's his specialty, not mine, ya know?

Hubby got back from working with Denny and wanted to know what was for supper. I was so tired, I could have cried. I told him I needed to put my head down - just for a few minutes - which he knew wouldn't be the case, but he just shrugged and let me walk down the hall as fast as my feet would carry me. I crashed and woke up about 5 hours later. I managed to bake and frost the birthday cake for my father then went back to bed. So I hustled today to get everything ready for our Easter & belated birthday dinner. So what the potato salad wasn't as good as usual and Dad thought the glaze made the ham too sweet? So what I'm too exhausted to do much more than play on the computer before bed. Dad enjoyed his cake and I enjoyed having him and June here. He was 81 on 4/2 and although he's in fine health overall, who knows how much longer I'll have him? I had a nice evening with Dad and can see real progress in the living room so I'm calling it a good weekend.

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