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Monday, June 8, 2015

Manly zip 4

Another Monday gone. Visted my dentist & hygenist for cleaning, x-rays & general checkup. Okay for now. Did a little shopping, grabbed a burger at Burger King. Went by my Dad's to check in on Miss June who got some bad news the other day. After routine mammogram and then an ultrasound, it's fairly certain she has breast cancer. Always devastating news but after that long struggle last year with the skin cancer in her forearm and complications, this is overwhelming news. However, she's been referred to the best breast cancer surgeon in the area and will know more on Wednesday after she sees the specialist. I have met that doctor a couple times and know she can come across abrupt at first so explained to June what to expect and not to be put off by the gruffness because that doc is terrific to her patients. She just doesn't sugarcoat anything. I said, if she doesn't understand anything to keep asking quesstions until she does. I also told June that there are so many new procedures, drugs, and options today to try not to worry at this point about what might happen. And reminded her it's her body and her life and she should make the decisions she wants to make and not be pressured by anyone to do something she doesn't want to. I let her know I will support whatever decisions she makes and do what I can to help her. My Dad and her son will be taking her to the doctor on Wednesday & I don't want to just crowd in but said if she wanted me to go, I will. I understand medical terminology while the others don't. She is afraid, of course but you know the waiting is often the worst part. June seemed to really appreciate me coming by and talking to her and I hope she will call on me when needed. And that's what is on my mind tonight.
That's zip 4. I know this kit is all over the place but I'm putting in a variety of masculine stuff.

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Stacey said...

today's download is awesome! thanks so much! Miss June will be in my prayers! I have some cysts they're watching for me and have to go back for an ultrasound/mammogram in July. 2 of my aunts and both grandmother's of mine had breast cancer and so I know how scary it is. I'm glad she has you to talk with, as well as your father. some things like this are easier to talk with another lady than a man so I"m glad you are there for her.