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Sunday, June 21, 2015

freebie & news

Expecting company shortly. We have prepared pulled pork barbeque, potato salad, cole slaw, deviled eggs, and chocolate cream pie to celebrate Father's Day with my Dad and June. Things have been hectic her this past week. Went with June for her biopsy. Traveled to Vienna (a little over 3hrs away) to see Sleepy Man Banjo Boys. The last link shows them when just recently discovered. Hubby was a little disappointed because they didn't play more traditional bluegrass music and have now added an electric bass guitarist and a drummer. "No drums or electric bass in real bluegrass," he says. But I liked the drummer as much of what he did reminded me of the Celtic use of the bodran. We got back home in wee hours next morning and napped until Jeremy & Berkeley arrived. They were headed to OBX for a couple days then back to Yorktown VA for a cousin's wedding and from there back home to PA. Great to see them, just not long enough. Friday took hubby to a Chinese buffet that had Alaskan crab legs and lots of other seafood. That was his Father's Day gift from me. Yesterday my car went to Suffolk for new shocks & I worked on re-arranging the National Pink Day Hoot for Red Lilies. Tuesday will be National Pink Day and we were going to lunch at Red Lobster wearing something pink. However, June had called me with results of the pathology. Definitely cancer and her next appointment with surgeon was moved up from 6/30 to 6/23. She'd like me to go with her so I let my chapter members know what was going on and we have rescheduled for Thursday. I missed getting post in for more Manly freebie and I'm sorry.
Link: Think I have a few other pieces. I will check later after company leaves and post remainder tomorrow. Have a great day with your fathers and your children's father.

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Stacey said...

it sounds like most of the week was fun, and i'm glad for you! How nice hope your company and Father's Day is awesome too! so sorry about June though! she will be in my prayers! I'm still praying it's only in her breast and not her lymph nodes. Enjoy your pink day! sound like a great time too! thanks for the next part of the kit and it's never a rush. summer is always a busy time.