Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today is my birthday

It's been some time since I've blogged. Our store, Digital Designers Den closed an there were things to be done. I'm moving into a new store being opened by my friend, Lynne aka BabyCakes Scraps. The store, Sunflowers Scrap Boutique, will open on April 1st and Lynne has gathered a lot of talent, so watch for it.
Have also been busy with family matters, home remodeling, visual journaling groups, annual quilt show excursion, and getting back into aqua therapy.

Today was my birthday. Great weather with spring like temperatures. I received birthday cards from my father, my son, Ashalee Wall, and my friend Jenny in Australia. My son, my brother, step-daughter, and Miss June called with good wishes. My dear husband bought me a laptop, took me to OutBack for dinner (what yummy steak and coconut shrimp!) and had a cake for me at home. My sweet son surprised me by having a beautiful flower arrangement delivered this afternoon: blue irises, white carnations, yellow roses, pink stargazer lilies in a cobalt blue vase. Have to take a photo in morning.

Went to pool eaqrlier to do aqua therapy exercises and am so worn out. Lovely day though.

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