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Monday, January 11, 2010

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain: a review

Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Paul Meier and David L. Henderson

Doctors Meier and Henderson,two Christian therapists thoroughly integrate Biblical scripture into their guidelines for coping with seven common sources of pain. Meier and Henderson take as their premise that God has a message or lesson for us on the other side of painful experiences. They discuss the seven common sources of pain in separate chapters, using Biblical scripture to illustrate the lesson to be learned. Further, they identify three reasons they believe we have difficulty coping with pain and receiving the lesson.

Each chapter ends with a nice summation and practical application tips. Wrapping up their discussion, the authors offer a fitness inventory giving the reader the opportunity to evaluate their spiritual fitness or readiness for coping with the next painful experience that comes their way. In painful times, we all forget what we know, that God is always with us and wants only what is best for us. Having a book such as this on hand at such times can serve to quick remind us of His love and put at our fingertips a means of coping with and understanding our pain

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