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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching Up

It's been crazy for the last several weeks so blogging was out of the question. First, my bisniess partner, Echo, was ill and our webmaster was unavailable as she sorted out family matters, so I was left running Digital Designers Den by myself. Not too bad really. No sooner had Echo returned to work then I was getting ready for vacation. My husband and I planned to take our grandson, who is ten, to New York city for the first time. We were supposed to leave July 5th.

In the wee hours of morning, I suddenly developed sever renal colic. Everything was packed, tickets for the Mets game that week had been purchased, other arrangements and appointments set. Had hubby drop me off at the ER and go on with the trip. About 6 hours later, still in lots of pain, I was released and had my father pick me up at the hospital.

The next 2 weeks plus went by with me drinking lots of fluids, taking pain and nausea medication that made me want to do nothing more than sleep, and trying to get int to see the specialist.

As I was beginning to feel a little better, one of our cretive team members noticed something odd happening in the DDD gallery. We were able to contact our webmster who was traveling so she could investigate. That was the beginning of the trouble that resulted in DDD being off-line for a couple days the following week. Seems our store and several others were hacked with a virus that attaches to index files and targets FTP. Took a lot of work by our web guru, but DDD is back up and running.

I'm still trying to catch up on things around the house that were left undone while all this was going on but things should soon be back to what passes for normal here.

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