Monday, October 25, 2010

Spunky Baby Boy by Felice Originals

This is a cute contemporary kit for photos of your favorite baby boy. While it has some traditional baby elements (bottle, bib, blocks, etc.) they are done in great contemporary colors of blue, green, white and light orange. There is also a touch of the technical found in assorted gears. When I first saw the gears, I thought, "Oh yes, boys come into the world with the wheels/gears already spinning. Forget snips and snails and that old rhyme. Boys are packages of boundless energy, full of curiosity and spunk." I know my son and grandsons are like that. You can find the kit here:

Going way back in time, here is my son in 1978. This child never took naps; he was always wanting to do something.

Note: I cut the cloud tag from one of the papers and extracted a single diaper pin to attach it to the ribbon.

And here's my oldest grandson, Tyler. He was a baby with a million expressions, just a few shown here when he was less than a year old.

Note: shape cut using a template from Christine Nash.

Speaking of Ty's expressions, I had to scrap this one. To me it says, "Why am I in this cage?"

Note: One of the blocks in kit altered to change letter to "T." And gear altered to create frame.

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