Friday, February 5, 2010

Contest update

I had 9 participants in the name this kit contest and 12 suggestions. 3 of the suggestions came from DDD's new forum (thannk you Jodi, Messina, and Katlen), 3 from the Blush /n Dusty group (thank you Colleen, Iris and Donna) and 3 here on the blog (thanKs to Janette aka Dragons' Lair Designs, scrapscrabbler, and Lynne aka BabyCakes).
Here's what was suggested:
Katlen - Spooning In The Parlor
Messina - Victorian Paramour
Jodi - Utterly Romantic, Vintage Valentine, and Vintage Romance (scrapscrabbler beat you to this one)
Colleen _ Romancing Your True Love
Iris _ Pink Legacy
Donna - sweet Victorian and Victorian Bliss
Janette - Shabby Love & Vintage Love
scrapsscrabbler - Vintage Romance
Lynne - Vintage Love Affair

Lots of good names. I just couldn't choose so to be fair, I gave each suggestion a number, made paper slips for each, fold , shook, and asked hubby to draw one.

Congratulations Colleen! It's going to be Romancing Your True Love. Now just give me time to change al those file names and package up and it's yours.

Since you were all so sweet for playing, how about I give you each a coupon for $4.00 on anything in my store? All of my Valentine kits are 45% off until 2/14 so maybe you will find something you like.

It's late here and we're having another Nor'easter (or however that's supposed to be spelled lol) so I'm heading for bed and hoping the lopsided pine (huge) in the lot behind us doesn't fall on my house. Will work on changing and uploading the kit tomorrow and getting coupon codes out to all of you.

Thanks so much!

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