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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Scrapbookersplayground - a wonderful place to play

Some time ago, while surfing the web, searching for materials to use in my ATCs and altered art, I discovered a real treasure. I'm going to share that discovery with you now.
I was visiting a number of on-line scrapbooking stores when I happened across Scrapbookersplayground (. The name alone drew me in because I often refer to my art as play. But Scrapbookersplayground (SBP) is not just another on-line digital scrapbooking store. Founded on April first 2005 by Katrina Haney, SBP currently has more than 45 designers.
Kat, as the owner likes to be called, maintains a focus on product quality and variety, outstanding customer service, and fostering a sense of community among those who frequent the site. Her daughter, Terri Folsom, and another family member, Diosa Desilva, assist her in meeting her goal of "provid[ing] as much variety as possible to accommodate all different tastes and needs but not limit[ing] the exploration of creativity."
Early on, Kat recognized the potential of digital scrapbooking, including the potential of using digital scrapbooking products for other types of art. With this in mind, her store offers a wide range of products from the traditional scrapbooking "page kit," to clipart and web graphics, and resources for digital designers. The designers represented by the store include a number of artists whose backgrounds are outside traditional scrapbooking. And, in an effort to meet the needs of the artistic community, Kat continues to search out new talent.
When not running the store, Kat designs under the trade name of KatScraps. Her designs reflect the woman herself - a warm, vivacious individual who doesn't care for restrictive labels but prefers freedom to explore her creativity. She delights in getting her family involved. For example, her husband created beautiful fractals which Kat has incorporated into delightfully unique digital products. (See for example, her fractal Easter eggs here:
And she has passed on her love of digital design to daughter, Terri, whose kit, Jade and Ivory debuted recently ( see it here Diosa joins in, leading the creative team. ( Please note: they will be having a call for the CT soon if you're interested.)
In a effort to maintain their reputation for excellent customer service, the ladies of SBP are currently involved in a major overhaul of the site. I've already noticed larger, easier to read print in many places, and clean up of old material from the forums. Of major importance is the re-structuring of the levels of membership. All appear to be very good bargains. Please go to and check it out for yourself.
Speaking of bargains, that's another thing that makes SBP special. Sales at SBP are fantastic! There are times you can find products discounted by as much as 90%! I've collected some amazing buys. Do sign up to receive e-mail messages about new products and sales, and keep a wish list to help you take advantage of these. And, of course, there are wonderful freebies for members!
Additionally, in the spirit of community, SBP offers a learning center (undergoing renovation), a wide range of activities, challenges, and more. I recommend you visit their gallery to view the work of SBP members and check out the forums to get an idea of what you could become involved in. SBP is truly a treasure of a discovery. Discover SBP for yourself; you won't be sorryl

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