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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On self diagnosing and freebies

As some of you know, I've been having left hip pain since January. First I self-diagnosed it as fibro and treated it accordingly, Didn't help much. February came with lots of ice and snow and everyone I know with arthritis was having pain so I figured, okay, at my age maybe this is arthritis and I treated it as such. But arthritis strength Tylenol gave no relief, nor heat or anything else I could think of. It would get a little better, then come back, and then it really got worse. Pain from lower back, through left hip, groin, knee and down into the foot! And since right shoulder was hurting too, sleep was difficult. I finally got in to my doctor on Monday. He said I have bursitis in right shoulder, left hip and left knee! Turns out heat is bad for bursitis and can make it worse. Cold is what you use and cortisone. I got to choose whether hip or knee was worse and was given an injection. My hip is feeling better now but left knee is still pretty tender and now right knee is complaining from where I've been shifting my weight. But I'm not complaining; things are improving!
Today I have a couple journal cards for you with some examples. I believe I have an unfinished Easter kit in my stash. Will be looking for that to give to you the rest of the week.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Journal card freebie

Would you believe - we actually had a snow flurry on Saturday and it was in 30s Sunday. Where is Spring? Still watching NCAA tournament. No more Virginia teams left and only one North Carolina team, Duke who I usually cheer for unless they are playing UNC Chapel Hill. We're headed for the Final Four, then it's back to regular TV lol. Scheduling just a little something for today because the left hip/lower back problem I've been fighting since January is much worse & I won't be spending a lot of time in PC chair. Thought at first it was a fibro flare-up and treated it accordingly. It got somewhat better, returned, improved etc. With the ice and snow of February, I decided it probably had an arthritic component since everyone I know my age and above was having problems. Did the usual stuff for that and again there were good days and bad days. For over a week now it's been so much worse with pain radiating down my leg - at first to thigh and eventually all the way to foot. Nothing makes a difference. Finally I remembered a time I had a pinched nerve and the pain was much like this. Nothing I can do on my own for that so called to make appointment with my doctor. Wouldn't you know? he's out of office until Monday. I suspect when I see him, he will put me on a course of prednisone. We will see. Meanwhile, I do have a couple journal cards for you. The first is very simple and only says "Today." You could use it for a to-do list, to make note of things at are bothering you that day, just about anything. The second card is one that asks you to think of something you should do, something you've been putting off. Could be as simple as cleaning out the freezer, or something more personal like giving up smoking. My thoughts are to use this to record that something you need to do and make some brief notes about how you plan to achieve it. We all know it does no good to say, "I need to lose weight" (for instance) and not figure out how you intend to do it. Put your plan in writing and you will feel more committed. Send a copy to a friend who is very supportive of you and you will feel even more committed to your plan because you know she will ask you how it's going. Are you making anything with Bohemian Boudoir? I'd love to see what you've done.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bohemian Boudoir _ more new links

Three more element zips today (not all elements shown in previews):
This one is messy because there is so much in the zip. Link:
Link: Oops - that last preview should red Elements 6. That is the last of the kit. Hope you enjoy it. WOW - if you didn't see 60 Minutes tonight, you missed a wonderfully uplifting story about Duke University's cancer research. They may have found a real breakthrough. Interested? Go to 60 Minutes website and read about it. Hope is something we all can use.

Friday, March 27, 2015

This is it . . . freebie

All good things ( I think this was?) must come to an end and we have come to the end of Bohemian Boudoir. Today you will meet Adara (means beautiful) another friend of Mirela's. Her zip includes a drapery treatment you've seen in the stacked papers, a flower and fern, a fossil, and some tiles spelling out "fate." I've also included a blank tile in case you want to create your own words. Just copy as many tiles as you need for the word, line them up as you'd like and type a letter on each. If you'd like a fancy font, there are many available for free on line. I do hope you have enjoyed this kit. I'm still working on a way for those who have to wait so long to more easily download it. I've combined papers and elements in zips of about 30MB each, a size most people can easily download, but there are about 10 zips of that size; I haven't had time yet to see if my free dropbox will allow me to load that much. Remember by 4/1 all zips of Bohemian Boudoir will be removed, so get it while you can.

Bohemian Boudoir freebie - new links

Here is the next set of combined zips for Bohemian Boudoir on dropbox.

Thursday, March 26, 2015