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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Another week begins

and here I am, at the PC as I let my tummy calm down. Having some digestive issues so not a good idea to lie down and try to sleep. This past week seemed to fly by. Weather has been bouncing around here in Tidewater and that (& stress) has triggered two migraines. The first wasn't bad but Friday's lingered into late Saturday afternoon and by then I was too exhausted to want to do anything. Still, I did accomplish a couple things last week: went for my annual GYN exam with a new doc. Think she's from Brazil. Very nice. She said since all my past PAP tests had been free of problems, I will no longer have to get that done. While in vicinity, I made a follow up visit with my primary care doc for this coming Monday. The best thing was managing to go to the pool 2 days and exercise without putting myself in too much pain for days after. Aiming for 3 days this week and then stay on a regular schedule.
I've been getting into tea party mode. Spent some time (too much) on Pinterest collecting tea quotes for a little paste book I want to make and looking for new recipes to try. When I give a tea party, I go about it in a big way lol. Typically, I make my own invitations, decorate the dining room, hang an appropriate flag outside the front door. I make up treat bags for each guest and plan the menu to include a salad &/or savory course, followed by scones and spreads, and finished up with a sweet course. And tea, of course! Sometimes I'll have an activity for guests. especially younger guests. This time it's going to be such a chore just to remove excess stuff from dining room, clear table, and find a place to put all the misplaced items, that I'm taking a number of shortcuts. I sent a Halloween card with tea party invitation written in. I decided that since Halloween will be over with the day before, I'll just call this a Fall Tea or Pumpkin Party Tea and go easy on Halloween elements. I've got a fall leaf garland that I will drape and will use a fall tablecloth, cheating with paper napkins. For our first course, I'm making pumpkin dip to go with red and green apple slices. We'll consider that a "salad." Tea sandwiches will be simple homemade egg salad and I'll cut bread with a pumpkin cookie cutter and make up ham and cheese sandwiches. There will also be cheese popcorn on the side for crunch. For the scone course, I'm going to try a recipe that is supposed to be the one Queen Elizabeth gives to her family members. It's just a basic scone and yes, I'll make it up first early in the week to make sure it turns out well. To go with the scones, lemon curd, orange marmalade, and faux Devonshire cream. Will try to go by the local British Shoppe to see if they have any real Double Devonshire in stock but good to have a backup plan. For the sweets course, I've got Kroger's Lemon shortbread cookies and will pick up some mini cupcakes instead of baking those myself. For tea, we will drink Stash's wonderful Chai. The aroma alone is delicious! It's cold and flu season so I'm going practical with the treat bags: cough drops, pocket tissue packs, lip balm, small hand sanitizer, and a Skittles Halloween character. We will try playing Halloween bingo, using candy corn as markers. Not sure what prize will be yet. And there will be tulle wrapped parcels of candy corn and pumpkins for each guest to take home. Will see if my niece and the other Rachel can take some photos for us to share. Gathered a lot of ideas for next couple of tea parties too. An easy way to waste time. Was going to show you a photo of the snuggle sack and bunny lovey I made for Nicole's baby but can't figure out how to get my printer to read the camera card with new PC.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween freebie

Just some vintage Halloween images collected over the years. Pulic domain so use as you would like.
Oops, link in post didn't show. Trying again to add it.

Pumpkin Party Sales See designs at Digi Style Designs

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick Post & freebie

Just a quick post tonight. There's football on the TV so I'm hiding out in the computer room to be away from some of the noise. Just really tired but it's almost time for me to go in and fix the family their nightly snack so I'm working on a set of simple autumn papers. Have a simple little freebie for you tonight - a treat bag topper. It fits the top of Ziplock sandwich baggies. We're on a main street so don't get treat-or-treaters. Most people now take their children to shopping malls, churches or schools for Halloween festivities. But I usually have a little something on hand for grandchildren, the man who cuts our grass and so forth. I recommend using the "print to edge" option on your printer, and if you use cardstock you will get a crisper, nicer looking topper.
Link: I'm giving a Halloween tea for grand-daughter, her mother, and my niece on Saturday 11/1 so I'm going in to work on the menu now. Hugs!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mid way through another week & a freebie

It's Wednesday already? I don't remember much about Sunday except Dad's visit. Oh, and hubby made delicious barbeque! Need to buy him a new pressure cooker though because this one is leaking and what a mess it was to clean it off the glass stove top. Monday I took my SIL out to lunch at Joe's Crab Shack where we feasted on shrimp. This is my husband's sister, the one who had breast cancer and she is doing pretty well. Naturally, there is still a good bit of anxiety and depression but she's getting help and her moods are stabilizing. Afterwards, we went over to Michael's Arts & Crafts where I bought some charms for bookmarks my niece wants to make. Yesterday, niece was still off on school holiday and while we watched American Horror Story's first session on Netflix (blood and gore not really my thing; I prefer psychological thrillers) we both crocheted like crazy and she baked some caramel apple cupcakes from a new mix we found. Tasty but very sweet. Today I will be delivering baby gifts for Baby Chloe, 3rd girl for one of my doctors receptionist. Almost forgot to take photos and when I did my hands were shaking badly from low blood sugar. Will try to post those later tonight. I still have some of the variagated yarn I made the snuggle sacks and caps from and some of the green I used to make frog lovey for my nephew's baby boy. Also made a frog hat and a frog drool bib with it! Now I'm using those two leftover yarns to make a diaper cover. Hope it will be enough; if not, I'll take it apart and save for another project. Have been experimenting with some vintage Halloween stickers and made a couple papers. Not my best efforts but perhaps someone can use them?
Pick up here:

Sunday, October 12, 2014

What I've Been Doing & a freebie

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I had a couple doctor appointments last week along with some medical news and was running various errands. Finally got results of the test I had last month. Seems the results got lost in the hospital system and didn't reach my doctor. When I called, they went looking for the report. Turns out I have mild gastro paresis which, simply put means that nerve damage is causing my stomach to empty slower than it should. Which explains continued nausea, bloating and pain after gallbladder surgery. The diet info I received basically tells me to avoid anything I like and, contrary to general health wisdom which is telling us to eat more fiber, more vegetables and avoid starches, tells me to avoid such because it's harder to digest and can cause problems. Vegetables and fruits that can be tolerated should be pureed! Have to make sure I stay hydrated and have been advised to keep Glucerna (diabetic form of Ensure) on hand for bad days. Fun, fun, fun!
Went to grandson's baseball game yesterday afternoon. Saw him playing first base and batting a few times but the weather turned quite cool and I got chilled sitting there in my short sleeved shirt so had to retreat to the car for warmth. Talking to granddaughter after the game, hubby kindly suggested that I'd love to give her another tea party and she added it would be good for Halloween and she'd invite her cousin. The dining room is still in a bad state and is small with my table only comfortably seating 4 so I explained we'd have the cousin another time as I now have my niece living with me and with grand-daughter and her mother that would make four. I'm tired just thinking about it! But I have to find some way to get dining room ready for next month's Thanksgiving dinner anyway so I'm now planning tea party menu.
Have had frantic fingers as I'm crocheting for my brother's grandson due in December and also making something for the receptionist at one of my doctor's offices. She's due next month but her doctor says could be sooner as baby appears to be bigger than expected for original time line. I've overestimated on the yarn for baby Hunter's snuggle sack and cap (or cocoon as some say) and had plenty to make the same for receptionist's baby Chloe. A little girl doesn't need everything to be pink, right? Because I'm going to see tht expectant mother this week, I finished her snuggle sack and hat and made a bunny rabbit lovey/security blanket. Going to make a bib in pink tonight. Hunter's frog hat and frog lovey are just waiting for finishing touches before I can pack them up. I found a frog bib pattern to use up the rest of that green yarn. They are doing his nursery in bears which was the theme for Bryan's (baby's father) nursery too but I'm sure he will be recieving lots of teddy bear stuff so thought a frog would be a nice companion for the bears. I'll try to get photos of Chloe's gifts posted in next day or so.
It's early to be thinking winter but I was going through more old files and found a contribution I made for a collaborative kit some years back. The store is long out of business so no problem with me re-releasing my part. Just 4 full size papers and 11 elements but maybe some of you can use it? Elements and papers are zipped within the one zip you can find here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Additions from Wonderland Scraps & Part 2 of freebie

Just added to store:
Friendship Garden above is a large kit containing with 20 papers in sunny warm hues and garden themed elements. You will find 19 floral elements, 10 frames, 1 photo mat, 3 tags, 4 ribbons/ric rac, 2 bows, 3 buttons, 2 beaded borders and one picket fence border. five garden "critters." and one sweet pin. Couldn't fit everything in main preview so do see additional images in the store. While working in my file system, I also found a Christmas kit that was originally part of a coll several years ago and I re-released it as Holiday Shimmer. Traditional red and greens with lots of cute elements.
There are additonal images in the store to show what didn't show up on main preview. And now, the other part of the Monster Mash freebie:
Pick it up here: