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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

PC back up!

Malware gone and found my basic PS disc so back to digi. Have decided that with everything that is going on right now I will just offer freebies on M_W_F until further notice. Today bursitis in R shoulder is bad causing pain up into my neck. Had a shot for it yesterday but takes some time before I get full relief. All I can ofer today is a paper I was playing around with that I'll call Pink Lady.
Link: Do better soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Quick note

I have not dropped off the edge of the world. Removed the malware and followed up by having my BIL check to see if any pieces remained. All well in tht regard. Was working on logo and calling cards for Red Lilies when Photoshop started acting up. Got to where it would not work at all. Simple, you say, Just uninstall and re-install. I would love to. However, when we moved all my crates of discs to put in new monitor, I don't know what happened to my PS disc. I have been through about 7 plus crates and can nt find it! While I mnaged to sort and organize the other discs - and that is good - I'm going crazy without my PS to play with. Still searching!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Computer trouble

Quick post - have picked up some malware and am working on removal. Cannot access my PS files from laptop so may be absent a couple days until this is cleared up.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Nouveau Spring freebie and news

It's been quite a week and I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. Pollen here is terrible and has been giving me headaches. Missed going to lunch with Dad and June on Wednesday. Whenever my head cleared up, I'd do whatever I could around the house until the headache creeped back then it was allergy tabs, Tylenol, and a nap. In between, I've been keeping up with progressive scrap. Here's step 3
Directions were to use a least one ribbon and two bows. Got the zip for day 4 today and am waiting on instructions.
Did I tell you that I got a call from a Norfolk Red Hat Society Queen? Yes and she was so nice to talk to. We share having fibromyalgia and migraines, among other things. And she lives not far from me; we plan on getting together for lunch next week and she offered to pick me up to go to the Hoorah For Hats event in August. Also heard from the nice lady in Mechanicsville who will be here in Norfolk soon for a craft class and she'd like to meet me too. Things are looking up in that area.
I have zip 7 of Nouveau Spring for you today.
Link: that's the last zip I've made for this particular theme. Can't say what will be next. I have a bunch of art nouveau stuff I'd started in the past so I may re-visit this but think I'm ready to change off for now. Have a logo I'll be working on for next few days but I'm sure I've got some other goodies I can give away. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Nouveau Spring freebie

Link: Lots to do today, so I won't bore you with long post. Here's my Day 2 of the progrssive scrap

Monday, May 4, 2015

Nouveau Spring freebie & other stuff

Time has been flying by lately. Seems I just finish one thing and believe I'm getting ahead and then something new pops up. The new perm . . . well, it isn't all I hoped for but I've learned that if I add mousse while my hair is still damp from shower, curls are more pronouced and I can get the right front to stay out of my eyes. Granted, the mousse makes hair a little stiff but it looks better. Who is going to come up and put their hands in my hair anyway lol?
Still have not heard from the lady I was told would contact me from the local Red Hatters. However, I did receive an invitation to a gathering in July of all area Red Hatters. It's to be a buffet and more at a local Oriental restaurant. I won't know any one but I'm going and hope to get to know a few people. And I got my official membership card and pin in the mail today, so on my way. Got to get my hat together.
Had company yesterday and before they arrived I was participating in Country Liv's Progressive Scrap over at Scrapbird: Here is my Day 1 page
We were given 4 papers and had to use at least 1 plus create an undulating border by cutting from one of the papers. We could re-color & re-size. My page is so simple compared to the others. Waiting now for link to Day 2 goodies.
Here is your new Nouveau Spring zip Links for Nouveau Spring & the earlier Touch Of Spring will remain active until the end of the month.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nouveau spring freebie

Head feeling better today but lots of work to catch up on. Quick post to give you more of Nouveau Spring.