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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 20 & Holiday Musing

It's a few days 'til Christmas, my house is a mess But Miss June's doing well. so I say "God bless."/ Some baking's been done, but no gifts have been wrapped. It's nothing like Christmases past./ I'd expect to feel down but I'm just too darn tired. I'll bake a few cookies then lie down to sleep. I'm sure all the cleaning is certain to keep./ The thing to remember in all of the rush is what's so often forgotten in the holiday mush./ Once a long time ago, God gave a gift. Not big in size but great beyond our belief./ He gave us His son as a baby so sweet. And as His son grew, we all came to know, that He'd come to save us./ And thus it is so that the true heart of Christmas is Love. So remember the precious gift from above and on Christmas and all days give the best gift of all and love one another both big and the small./
The first couple stanzas were running through my head as I tidied the kitchen so I decided to begin this note with them. The rest just grew as I typed. I know it's not a great piece of writing but I decided to share it with you anyway before I head in to make some Italian anise cookies. I hope your holiday preparations are going well and that all your plans come off smoothly. Today I have (yes) more papers for you:
Here's the link:

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 19 freebie

Wow, had to believe it's almost Christmas! I'm writing this on the 18th and yesterday it was 68 degrees here; today it's cold. After almost a week of severe gastritis such that even drinking water hurt and bending was a no-no, I'm finally feeling better. Yesterday was the first good day in a long while and good thing as Miss June had more surgery on her arm. The first was 6 months ago for skin cancer. It wouldn't heal properly, ended up developing a staph infection and has just been a terrible ordeal. Yesterday the surgeon went in to explore and determine the underlying problem. It wasn't as bad as anticipated because most of the previous wound had finally healed but a biopsy showed questionable cells at one spot. The questionable area was excised and the hope is that after about 12 days it will be healed and she'll be able to use her arm again. Meanwhile there is little she can do for herself. She's staying with my father, who is doing what he can, and I'm going back and forth to help out. Saying lots of prayers that she heals quickly this time and has a much better year in 2015.
I finally got my fruitcake baked yesterday after I got home. This is the latest I've ever been making them! Will get them all wrapped up in their brandy soaked cheesecloth in a few minutes and hope they will have mellowed enough by Christmas. Finished the tree last night too. Tonight I'm trying a recipe for Italian anise cookies. I don't care for the taste of licorice but my husband and his family love it so I thought I'd try to make a batch of these cookies - some for husband, rest for MIL. And then there is so much cleaning left to do since I just wasn't able before now. Immediate family is pretty forgiving of my housekeeping and how my health issues effect it. However, we have one friend coming for Christmas dinner who is blunt and doesn't mind pointing out errors and omissions. He has pain issues too but since it's just him and his dogs, he will knock himself out to get things done and pay the price later. He doesn't understand why I don't do the same, after all, I'm home all day, right? I'll just smile and be forgiving if he has snide comments to make about whatever I don't get done. Oh, we're also expecting a holiday visit from my ex and his new wife, whom we have yet to meet.
(Thanks to Becky's Creation for cute border.) Despite all the stuff that really needs doing, I'm trying to figure out what other goodies I want to make to have on hand for guests. There are some who will expect chocolate chip cookies and fudge and that's easy enough but I want something different. An old favorite is Russian Tea Cakes (without nuts). I'm thinking maybe marble squares since I haven't made them in awhile. Wish I had Trish's (Jeremy's old girlfriend) recipe for almond cresents. She got it just right. I'd love to hear about your favorite holiday treats.
(this pretty border is form Carolyn's Scrap Creations) I've checked my folder and think there's still plenty there to take us to the end of the month with Holiday Treat. Today I have some CU4CU trees for you:
Pick up here: Please share the news of these holiday freebies with your friends and tell them all 2014 freebies will be avaailable through January 2015. Also remember that my retirement sales are on at Digi Scrap Designs and good until 12/31/14. Don't stress yourself or work too hard getting ready for the holidays. Remember that the heart of Christmas is Love. It's more important to spend quality time with family and friends and to remember the reason for the season than to have every detail of your celebration be perfect.

Holiday Treat Day 18 freebie

Don't you think we need some gifts for our Holiday Treat kit? Here area couple and a bell deco too. Enjoy.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Treat Day 17 freebie

Something a little different today but still in Christmas theme and using items from Holiday Treat. This simple bag topper fits the standard ziplock baggie and helps make a simple treat like cookies or candy seem more special.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Best Gift & a freebie for you

On this day in 1977 I received the best of gifts, my son Jeremy Ryan. I hope he isn't having to work today and that he and his girlfriend will be able to spend the day doing something fun. Baby J, I love you!******************************************** Today more papers:
You will find it here: