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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday Beach Weather freebie

Saw Star Trek Beyond today. Pretty good. Lots of special effects. I like Chris Pine as Captain Kirk better than William Shatner, but Leonard Nimoy better as Spock than Zachery Quinto. There was a little tribute piece about Nimoy included. Sadly, nothing was added in tribute to the actor, Anton Yelchin, (who plays today's Chekov) who died in a freak accident recently. But there are news stories that said there would be at the end; we watched to the end and didn't see it ???

Today's free zip of Beach Weather

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday freebie & Tea Time pages

Another hot day. Signs showed temperature at 99 degrees when I completed my last errand of the day. With heat index, it felt like 102. Busy day. Was supposed to go to lunch with my friend, Joyce, as late celebration of her birthday but we had to reschedule as her grand-daughter and great grand baby were on their way home from Tennessee. So I went with my husband to his doctor appointment. We thought it might be an all day thing, thinking he'd probably be sent for x-rays and so on. Instead the doctor thinks the problem with his hand is tendinitis and gave him a cortisone shot in his thumb. Ouch! We stopped on way home to pick up Philly Steak subs for lunch and after I went to pharmacy. Coming in from that errand, I decided I was too hot to do anything more and cooled off with a long nap.

I did put together some pages to show you a little of what our tea on Saturday looked like. Since we didn't have to wear Red Hat purple and red, we had a lot of variety in colors and styles of outfits.
I'm reasonably happy with page above. It's not too cluttered.Reading counter-clockwise from top, the first photo shows my good friend, Joyce Eagan, beside her Bonnie, and up front is Billie. Next phto: the lady in blue is our hostess, Jo Sinclair and the lady in green is Betty. At the bottom left that's me on the left looking like a frumpy 50s woman, and next to me dear friend, Mary Boykin, who is queen of The Red Lillies chapter I belong to.
This page is too cluttered but I didn't want to do a third page. It shows some of the variety in outfits but there was much more. Probably about 30 ladies in all. At top left is Rose Jory who, among other things, does teh Queen's Council newsletter for our area. On top right is Karen Swiney in green and Linda B. Brooks to her right. Karen sets up major events in our area such as the annual Hurray For Hats, Go Red For Women, and the Snowball Express. Linda is a very active Red Hatter too. In the center, is Sylvia Chambers looking stunning in her orange. Love that perfume shaped purse. On the bottom left is Karen (on R) again with a lady I have seen often but haven't met. Isn't her hat cute? And to the right, Mary and Joyce again with Caroline in yellow. Caroline always wears fantastic over-the-top hats that she designs. She was walking up to Jo's house when we arrived and reminded me ever so much of a fantasy daffodil!

Now for your freebie:
Lots of bright yellow and orange today.

Oops! Freebies again

I am so behind in posting! Thought I had scheduled a post for Saturday only to learn on Sunday that I had not. Planned to do 2 posts on Monday but family matters kept me from computer until just now and we're into Tuesday!
Here is what should have been your Saturday freebie:

And the Monday freebie:

I was away most of Saturday (including travel time) to attend a Tea with a lot of Red Hat Ladies. This private event allowed us to wear anything we wanted; did not have to wear red and purple. I will share some photos tomorrow. On the way home, two good friends, ladies from my local chapter, convinced me I really should go with them to the North Carolina State Red Hat Convention in October since some tickets are still available. I contacted one of the hostesses today and am mailing in my registration. Ladies at the tea said the NC convention was the best convention they had been to and some had been to multiple state conventions. Originally I hadn't signed up because the International Convention is being held in New York City in February 2017 and four of us were going to take AmTrack up and go. But as it turned out we decided against it as the only activities planned inside the hotel didn't sound interesting. There are a lot of excursions to other places (each with another fee) but who wants to tromp around In NYC in the winter? Weather could be bad.

More later today.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Friday freebie

Another hot one - temperature in low 90s but feels like 100. Needless to say, I'm staying put in the A/C. Hubby and SIL got back yesterday afternoon and although it didn't sound like it to me, he said they had a good time. Once again problems due to COPD and neuropathy made it difficult for him to get around. The NY City subways and trains are not handicap friendly. Lots of stairs, no ramps and great distances to walk. He sadly reported it might be his last trip to the city he loves. He did get the Lupini beans he's been wanting. I'd never heard of them but it's a food he grew up and since his mother passed away the first part of this year, he's been quite nostalgic. He remembered eating these beans with her as a snack. Apparently, they are well known to Italians. He described them to me as looking like butter beans but pickled so that their skin is tough. You split the skin with your teeth, eat the bean inside and discard the skin. Doesn't sound particularly good to me, but what do I know? He brought home maybe a half dozen or so jars of these things and that after giving away another 3 or 4. I haven't tried them yet so can't say what I think of them. They also stopped at a roadside stand on Eastern Shore and picked up 2 dozen ears of Silver Queen corn - one dozen for us and one for his sister's household. Will be eating some of that tonight at dinner. And I got my Cinnabuns!

Had bad headache last night and around 2 a.m. was coughing like crazy. So I got up for some ginger ale, tried to sleep again and got back up around 5:30am. Had a Cinnabun and cup of coffee and read some of the new M. J. Rose novel that arrived Thursday. After all that sugar, I was finally able to sleep hard and didn't get up until after 12 p.m.! Rose's new novel, The Secret Language Of Stones, is the second in her Daughters of La Lune series. I haven't wanted to put it down and am already about halfway through! Her imagery is so vivid! You might want to check it out here at her publisher's page:

For today's freebie, let's go snorkling!

Freebie - Beach Weather 3

Ok, I'm telling my age but, do you remember wearing Madras shorts in the summer?
We wore them when I was in high school and thought we were so cool! Anyway, today's paper reminded me of Madras - not the color but the texture. Of course, you need some shades to wear in that sun. They aren't Wayfarers but . . .

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Freebie time! Beach Weather zip 2

Today is not quite as hot as it's been being - only 85 and the humidity seems a little lower. Of course, I was only outside long enough to check mail and bring in the trash can lol. Trying to get a few things done around the house as husband and SIL will be back tomorrow from their visit with friends and family in NJ and NY. He e-mailed this morning that the heat in NY is oppressive - big surprise! - and he is eager to get home. Hoping he can find someplace on I-95 coming home to stop and bring me a box of CinnaBuns. We no longer have any locally and I miss them. Not that I should be eating them, of course, but an occasional indulgence isn't bad.

Today's zip contains a paper and a couple of items one would need to relax in the sun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

New freebie begins: Beach Weather

Over the years I've made and started a number of beach themed kits. Not unusual since I live near the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean at nearby Virginia Beach. Plus, most people think "Summer = beach." It sure did when I was a child. Anyway, looking through my files I discovered a lot of beach related things including papers and elements I made for a store I used to sell in and various odds and ends from kits I started but didn't complete. I went with this bright color swatch:
and pulled various things together to put together a kit we will call Beach Weather. Here is your first zip:

Accomplished nothing much today except quick trip to grocery store and gathering up trash and getting can out to street for tomorrow's pick-up. Also realized that a possible reason I've been so exhausted and sleeping weird hours is that I got dehydrated during recent virus. It doesn't take much for that to happen to me. Got to thinking about what I'd been having recently to eat and drink since virus left me with no appetite and that's how I came to see my fluid intake has been way down. So I'm focused on getting that back to normal and expect as it does my sleep will regulate more and I'll feel better overall. Plan to buckle down to some housework tomorrow no matter what!